Transparent LED Display

Filmbase transparent LED screen maintain grille-screen and glass screen.It has module standardization and uniformity, which is convenient for production and can be stocked. It is widely used in advertising and media which perfectly integrated into the original architectural style to enhance the customer's brand image.

0.2mm UTD

Filmbase 0.2mm ultrathin transparency display is based on the principle of projector reflection imaging, and the surface of the film is coated with a nano-scale photosensitive coating through a vacuum magnetron sputtering coating process, so that the film maintains a high transmittance and also has a high reflectivity (mirror appearance), 170-degree phantom imaging, composite phantom imaging and stereoscopic suspended phantom imaging.


GRID LED Display

Create high-end small spacing to achieve industry-leading technology level to achieve high-definition, high-brightness, transparent display products, widely used in the field of advertising media, pioneering and leading commercial super thousand screens, brand digital window shop effect, presented in exhibition centers, stage rental, glass New horizons in curtain wall and other fields.


Transparent LED glass

The LED transparent display screen is made of RGB magic lamp beads into a unit module, and a display screen of any size can be formed by splicing the modules. LED transparent display is a high-tech display product with multiple expandability, which can be widely used in glass curtain wall, advertising media, space decoration, home design, commercial display and functional signage.