Absen Group visited Filmbase Technology

On May 18,Chairman Ding Yanhui and Ren Yonghong of Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and their team visited Shenzhen Filmbase Technology Co., Ltd.


At the beginning of the meeting, Gu Yuli, general manager of Filmbase, comprehensively showed the company's situation to the Absen team from several major sections such as the company's development history, patented technology and innovation, product classification and market layout, and the company's future planning.


Afterwards, the team came to the factory to visit the production process and understand the uniqueness of the product. During the period, Mr. Ding stated that Filmbase LED Glass not only adopted the unique module splicing and lamination technology to realize large-area combination of LED glass, but also solved the after-sales problem of LED glass by single-point maintenance method, which will greatly expand the the application. Finally, the two companies exchanged views on the development technology and market application of LED light display, and discussed deeply the multi-channel application, market layout and future development trend of led glass, and said that the two companies would work together to jointly promote the development of the industry to a new stage.