LED Glass technology innovates again, glass curtain wall becomes "Architectural Media"

With the continuous upgrading of urbanization, LED Glass has emerged in the field of glass curtain wall construction with its advantages of high transmittance, ultra-thin, building integration, and high durability, and has gradually been sought after by the market. Architectural Media".

"The LED Glass industry is currently in a state of rapid development. This industry has been developing for about 6 years. At present, the demand for LED Glass in the market has more than doubled every year." Co-founder of Filmbase Zhu Longshan said.

If you want to make LED Glass truly become an "Architectural Media", you also need to overcome some display technical difficulties.


"For example, in terms of control technology, product design, materials, processes and manufacturing equipment, it takes about three to 5 years to develop research and development, and continuous investment is required to truly solve the problems in the market. ”  Co-founder of Filmbase Zhu Longshan said.

With the development process of smart cities, under the boom of new infrastructure construction, it also brings more opportunities for the LED Glass industry and enterprises.

Filmbase has mastered the core R&D technology of LED Glass and the key process of production equipment, and has launched a variety of full-size LED transparent displays.

Transparent LED Glass is a kind of intelligent composite glass which is laminated of lamp bead chip glass substrate and ultra-white glass. Its structure is glass + film + lamp bead chip glass substrate + film + glass. The process of cutting, edging, cleaning, assembling, pre-pressing, autoclave vacuuming and other processes is completed. The reason why it can emit light is because the lamp bead chip is connected in parallel with the control system to form a unit module. The display screen, and the picture, grayscale, and color can be adjusted.

"For example our P5x10 display, a square is 1 meter * 1 meter in size, there are 20,000 lamp beads in it, and there must be 20,000 controllers, which need to control its various colors and conversion rates. We need to ensure that it can be used for 10 or even 20 years, and its color and uniformity reach the best state, and it can be displayed normally in bad weather. The size of the product should fully consider the appearance of the architectural design, It can be integrated into the overall decoration of the building."Co-founder of Filmbase Zhu Longshan said.

The LED Glass breaks the dullness of the traditional glass curtain wall, maintains the ultra-high transparency of the glass, and can control the display effect of the LED Glass. It combines the advertising media with the building, making the glass curtain wall more flexible and realizing functions such as text, pattern, lighting, and video display.

“In the headquarters building of China Shandong Heavy Duty Truck Group, they chose to use our LED Glass in order to enhance the group's image and promote the group's products; in the atrium of Wanda Plaza in Kunming, Yunnan, China, they used our LED Glass, attracts many people came here to learn about it because of this LED Glass .”Co-founder of Filmbase Zhu Longshan said.

According to statistics, the global revenue of structural glass curtain wall is expected to reach US$77.85 billion in 2028, and the application of glass curtain wall is mainly concentrated in urban areas. Such a huge stock of glass curtain walls is a huge potential market for media advertising, and the advertising value of this market has not been fully developed. With the depletion of urban outdoor advertising resources, glass curtain wall is a brand new field.


Filmbase new material utilizes the re-innovation of LED Glass technology, making the glass curtain wall an "Architectural Media", providing new ideas for outdoor media.

"LED Glass, we regard it as a long-term business, was born to solve customer problems, social and industrial problems, we will continue to work hard to make LED Glass better and more refined, which It is Filmbase's mission to make LED Glass."Co-founder of Filmbase Zhu Longshan said.