Hug the International Year of Glass, FILMBASE LED Glass lead the architectural media.

Did you know that 2022 is the "International Year of Glass" that the United Nations has declared to celebrate the vital role of glass in society.

Yes, from ordinary glass products to smart glass to LED glass, more and more technological glass will come to us.


FILMBASE has been using glass as the base material for many years and constantly innovating! Many products have been developed, such as self-adhesive smart film, laminated smart film, smart glass and LED Glass used on the glass surface, especially LED Glass, which subverts the traditional transparent screen with its high brightness and high transparency. Both glass and display, favored by partners around the world.


This window to the future is not only a piece of glass and a display screen, but also a huge business opportunity brought by FILMBASE's innovative products. It is used in architectural glass curtain walls, attractions, hotels, commercial places, etc., and is also known as architectural media. If you are interested and determined to win this big market and create a better future with us, please contact us, FILMBASE global agents are hotly recruiting.